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In bloom

This collection emphasizes flowy and chic designs that are complementing the female body on every occasion.
The high quality and lightweight fabrics bring a pleasant feeling of magnificence.
The floral patterns paired with a contrasting color scheme create a refreshing harmony
that is pleasing for the eye. The modern
and stylish colors express the awakening
of new life and adventures.

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Olvi's Loungewear

treat yourself with silk

Did you know that our wonderful silk pieces are
not only pretty but have a number of health benefits? 

They are very soft to your skin, reducing redness and irritation and making it therefore a perfect match for various skin conditions. 

But also your hair benefits from it. Silk prevents hair breakage and protects the hair from drying out!
So no worrying about wearing your hair open over our beautiful silk wear! 


Treat yourself and give your body the care it deserves!


Olvi's favourites

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