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About Olvi's

Olvi’s is an International Luxury Women’s Fashion and Bridal brand specialized on creating unique and distinctive garments made with fine French Lace. The brand offers luxurious designs with ultimate craftsmanship and customizations. 


The History of Olvi’s starts with the passion of its designer Olga Yermoloff and her love for princess dresses! The driving force and creator of Olvi’s grew up with her dream that one day she will step into the fashion world and make women around the world happy with her creations. This dream lead her to establish her own brand in Amsterdam in 2002. From the very first designs, Olvi’s signature look was the feminine, figure-flattering Lace Garment that empowers women and gives them the confidence to embrace their femininity.


Today it is the epitome of women empowerment as it breaks through the glass ceiling and proudly represents an all-women international team.  


By the women, for the women! 

Olga Yermoloff



“Olvi’s is my Shakespeare version of the stage and I am merely a player.  A play that is shaped by all its players, my customers, who have their own role to play and direct the script. As long as I have the support of my backstage crew, my team, the show must and will go on.”




Olvi’s is who I am as an individual, it is my identity. So it was always a part of me while growing up. I am a musician by training. I attended the Music Academy and then the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam. Although my professional training is in music, it was my love and respect for art in general that made me follow my passion for fashion. Music opened my mind to a whimsical world where anything was possible. I would get so mesmerized by music that I could almost imagine it as a person, how it would look like, how it would behave, what it would wear….definitely in Olvi’s. 


Being an artist makes me open to art in all forms. I always had an interest in fashion, from seeing my mother sew her own clothes to me sketching colorful dresses and garments for princesses at a very early age. 

Music brought me to Amsterdam and my passion brought me to Olvi’s.